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Build: Technical Solutions

CTi is an award-winning provider of information technology and professional services to federal, state and corporate organizations. CTi delivers technology-enabled, results-oriented solutions to ensure the success of our clients.

CTi has over 10 years experience developing and integrating systems for federal and commercial clients.  Using proven development methodologies and frameworks, as well as best of breed technologies, CTi is able to provide technical solutions that meet or exceed our client's expectations.

Mobile  Solutions


From our experience working with our federal government clients, CTi understands that mission activities cannot be performed solely from a desktop. Smartphones and other mobile devices are the future of distributed technologies over the next decade. Learn More

Cloud Computing


Cloud computing infrastructures, platforms, and applications break from the costly paradigm of on premises infrastructures, storage, and applications and the labor required to support it. Cloud computing solutions offer significant cost, time, and labor savings and faster request turnaround. Learn More

Application Development and Systems Integration


CTi's experienced application developers work closely with our clients to ensure satisfaction with the development and delivery of efficient, cost effective applications. CTi has over 10 years experience using proven development methodologies and frameworks, which serve as the foundation for developing and delivering applications that meet and exceed requirements.

Web Architecture and Development


CTi’s Web-applications professionals have extensive experience developing Web-based applications using standard frameworks and tools such as: HTML, DHTML, XML, Java, ColdFusion, .Net, .NET Development, ASP, Cascading style sheets (CSS), Macromedia Dreamweaver MX, and Server-side scripting language for target use in a variety of browsers.


CTi provides content management solutions and services for large scale web portals. By using proven technologies and highly skilled experts in those technologies, CTI delivers exceptional services that reduce cost, time and effort for content maintenance.

Unified Content Management


CTi provides content management solutions and services for large-scale web portals. By using proven technologies and methodologies, CTI delivers unified content management services resulting in collaborative workflows, reduced cost, time and effort for content management.

Database Development and Administration


CTi offers expertise in database development and administration to our clients. Our certified database professionals are capable of full spectrum database development and support including large and small scale data models, and maintaining back end enterprise databases such as Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server.

Web sites and Portals


CTi has in depth expertise in web portal development, and has completed projects with DOL and GSA ( CTi offers a range of portal development services customizable to our clients’ needs. We have the skill sets to support large web application development efforts and has partnership agreements that provide an extended range of services. CTi partners with industry leaders such as Microsoft, Akamai and IBM to develop seamless web portals for federal applications.


In partnership with OPA DEC, CTi has developed a Content Management Process to help create, edit, and publish Web content to the as well as internal agency intranet Web sites. This process eases the burden of publishing content, reduces defects, and ensures the highest degree of confidence for OPA DEC and all of its client agencies it services. The process supports a Workflow Management, Document Management, and Web Standard Management and complies with Section 508 accessibility standards.

Web 2.0 and Social Networking


Web 2.0, the use of the Internet as a medium for collaboration and sharing information is rapidly spreading to business and government. CTi can assist you with defining your strategy for managing information using collaborative tools such as internet portals and applications that run on web servers. Our experience in developing internet portals and collaboration methods for government clients can give you the confidence you need to take advantage of Web 2.0.


Social networking is the leading edge of Web 2.0 for the public. Using social networking tools can boost your agency’s visibility and provide channels for public feedback. CTi can support you by evaluating your needs with respect to social networking and analyzing how you can take advantage of technologies such as Twitter, FaceBook, and LinkedIn.

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