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The Problem

The Department of Labor (DOL) maintains, the agency's primary public-facing web site. The DOL website provides critical labor statistics and legal information relating to federal labor law to the public, other agencies, and news agencies worldwide. When was compromised by a hacker, DOL looked to Cascades for a rapid response.

Cascades' Contribution
  • Cascades immediately began a Rapid Intrusion Response and Remediation

  • Cascades responded quickly to secure all web-based legacy applications and make the site hacker resilient.

  • To enable DOL and Cascades to collaborate and make decisions in real time, CascadesTi installed a collaboration infrastructure.

  • Once the website was secure, Cascades retrained DOL employees and contractors on how to minimize the risk of a network security breach.

  • The total solution included re-coding DOL's at-risk applications using the latest secure application development standards.

The Result

Cascades provided a full solution for improving security against hacker attacks. The implementation of the risk mitigation measures helped the DOL agency achieve a 'Green' Agency scorecard. In spite of the need for a rapid response, Cascades was able to deliver a secure website on time and within budget and meeting all requirements, standards, and guidelines.

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