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Measure: Project Management Office (PMO)

Stand up a PMO for your organization with Cascades' flexible service options that allow you to choose the solution that best meets your needs.

Cascades' NextGenPMO (Patent Pending) provides a web portal for managing programs, strategic plans, and projects in a controlled manner. The NextGenPMO (Patent Pending) is designed to produce consistency in capturing, monitoring and reporting your organization's projects and programs through tools integration and automation of your PMO data. Our team has experience with setting up web portals and PMO processes, beginning with Cascades' own Program and Project Management Office. Cascades' success stories include NC State Medicaid Office and Department of Labor (DOL).

Cascades provides services to support your organization if you are just starting to develop a PMO and for an already established PMO. The level and type of services are provided as needed for your individual implementation.

Quickly stand up or enhance an existing PMO with new and upgraded components:(click on the items below to read more):

PMO - Portal Based Solutions


Cascades, through its certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs) and SharePoint tools, helps your organization to standardize and track performance on projects, automate workflows for deliverable approvals, create a shared repository to track projects, integrate timekeeping and implement dashboards for monitoring and reporting status.


Cascades also uses Capability Maturity Model integration (CMMi), System Development Lifecycle (SDLC), Earned Value Management (EVM) reporting, and other proven industry best practices as the foundation of our PMO solution.

Consolidated Status Reporting


Cascades offers expertise in developing status reporting processes and automating project, program, and executive Dashboard reporting. Starting with the development of metrics and project reporting that flows through to the executive level KPIs.

Portal Development


Cascades employs proven PMO software for workflow, collaboration, and reporting to communicate progress towards program and project goals. The PMO web portal ties all the components together and provides an entry point for each user, based on the user’s role.

Project Management Technologies and Best Practices


Our Project Management and Best Practices approach is aligned with the Project Management Institute (PMI). Your projects are supported by PMI Certified Project Managers with experience in all phases of project management.

Project and Program Quality Assurance


Cascades' project and program quality assurance is guided by Best Practices and standards consistent with PMI and CMMI. Workflow tools are available to support efficient management of project processes and to enforce compliance with standards.

Automate PMO Processes


Using your existing PMO as a baseline, Cascades will perform an assessment for your organization and recommend ways to improve your processes and automate reporting, based on your organization’s needs.

Training and Coaching


Cascades offers training and coaching in project and program management base on your organization’s needs.

Workflow Design and Development


Cascades will support you with automating workflows to enforce compliance with standards.

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